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Painting Adventures

Grand Canyon
2010 Grand Canyon painting, Yahoooo!
Jackson, Wyoming
Windy in Jackson, Wyoming
San Antonio watercolor society workshop
Workshop for the San Antonio watercolor society
Private class in studio
Private class in studio
Cindy gears up
It works in sports, why not plein-air?
Anything for a painting
Anything for a painting!
Plein air friends at Beavertail
Plein air friends at Beavertail

Good friend and mentor Jerry Smith, Indiana artist, as we were painting together on Block Island, August, 2007.  Jerry's website is: JSmithStudio.com if you'd like to view his work.

Cindy Baron and Stephanie Marzella Painting in Jackson, Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park with good friend and artist Stephanie Marzella, September 2006.

View more of Stephanie's work here: StephanieMarzella.com

Cindy painting in the Tetons

      Painting in the Tetons, September 2007


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